AR-M4SF 5.56x45 mm
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5,56x45 mm Assault  Rifle 
with Short Barrel and Folding Butt 

5,56mm AR – M4 SF

 The 5.56x45 mm AR- M4SF is a highly effective automatic weapon designed for the antipersonnel role.
The weapon can be used for the armament of heavy combat equipment crews, reconnoitring detachments, special antiterrorist and police troops and security services. The system operated on propellant gasses diverted through a vent in the barrel.
The barrel chamber is closed by turn of the bolt and engaging the firing stops in the receiver.
The receiver is made from hot die forged solid blank followed by milling operations.
The weapon is fed from a 30-round arcuated staggered magazine, manufactured from glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide.   
For quick  target acquisition at low - light conditions you can use Tritium Self-illuminated Night Sight (3-dot sight system). If necessary you can use a build-in Tactical Flashlight for target lightning. A special sight carrying plate enables you to attach a Passive Collimator Sight MK-30, Optical Sight or Night Vision Device to make firing more precise.
The lower hand guard and the upper hand guard and pistol grip are made from glass fiber reinforced polycaproamide.
A right side folding metal butt and a shortened barrel are fitted to the rifle so the constriction generally features a basic individual weapon of assault and special task group. 
For rapid fire mode changing, for convenience left-hand shooters, as well as when the butt is folded, is available an additional left fire mode selector lever. 
As a weapon used by special forces it is equipped with a new type sling that help you at the time of carrying it in combat operations, for rapid opening of fire at marching position as well as for fast changing of one weapon with an other.

Each Weapon is equipped with rail for any kind of sighting devices

The weapon fires 5,56 mm cartridges(5.56x45 mm).
5.56 mm AR-M4SF has metal side folding butt. 

Extras-Paid separately:
- luminous spot on the sights;
- 20/30-round translucent polymer magazine; 
- front sight adjusting kit (in the ratio 1:10);
- set for magazines coupling;
- blank fire attachment;
- collimator sight MK-30



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